We got an honorable mention in the 2018 BYO Label Contest, a bit disappointing, but better than nothing.

Fill in the Blanks label won the 2017 grand prize from the BYO magazine label contest! Check out all our labels over at The Labelery!

A lot of what we brew are one offs, but some will make return appearances. Retired beers will never be seen again.

What we are calling 'seasonals' are simply beers that will be made again but are not currently available.

Please visit our page on Untappd to like the brewery there and also check in any beers you have had!

Currently On Tap

Tree Shaker Grapple

Cider Est 5.6% ALC/VOL 13 IBUs

Apple cider infused with our home grown concord grapes.

Tree Shaker The Sting

Cider Est 5.6% ALC/VOL 13 IBUs

Apple cider with ghost peppers and organic honey to take a bit of the burn away.

Upcoming Batches

Want to request a beer? Let us know. Email the Brewer

Blue Pils

Session PilsnerEst 4.6% ALC/VOL 13 IBUs

Time to make a clean, simple, delcious beer. Just beer.

Seasonal Flavors


Imperial IPA 8.9% ALC/VOL 91 IBUs

Made with Simcoe, Citra, Zythos, and Mosaic hops and almost 9% ABV, Hopnut has a great hoppy aroma, with citrus and pine notes, but not as bitter as you would expect. Smooth and strong, this is your new favorite IPA. My goal is to always have this one on tap.

Son of Hopnut

Session IPA 5.0% ALC/VOL 91 IBUs

Made with Simcoe, Citra, and Zythos hops, this is our lighter version of Hopnut, with almost 50% of the ABV of Hopnut, but 100% of the flavor.

Ghost of Hopnut

Spiced Imperial IPA 8.7% ALC/VOL 93 IBUs

A seasonal variation on Hopnut Imperial IPA, made with mesquite smoked malt, and way too many ghost peppers. This one will burn you, but in a good way. Enjoy around Halloween!


IPA 7.1% ALC/VOL 78 IBUs

An easy drinking American Style IPA, hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic. A strong scent of hops greets your nose, but its brewed with lactose to take the bite of a typical IPA down a bit. This will be back in regular rotation soon.

Skeleton's Blood Stout

Pumpkin Pie Stout 4.1% ALC/VOL 25 IBUs

Our seasonal contribution to Pumpkin Beers. Our oatmeal milk stout brewed with almost 4lbs of pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spices. Pumpkin greets your nose and lingers on your tongue. Mild and sessionable. Next year a bit more pumpkin and spice will be added, it was a little more mild than hoped.

Steel Dragon Stout

Oatmeal Milk Stout 5.6% ALC/VOL 21 IBUs

This stout is the backbone of our returning beers. All of our flavored stouts begin life as Steel Dragon. Extra malty flavor, but smooth and velvety. This will be brewed at least once a year.

Fill In The Blanks IPA

Experimental Imperial IPA 8.9% ALC/VOL

An IPA built from ingredients on hand. The base recipe is the same as Hopnut, but any missing ingredients in the grains or hops are filled in by what we have on hand. A unique beer creation is reborn every time. Made with Honey malt, Golden Naked oats, Mosaic, Zythos, Fuggles, and Chinook Hops. Each brew will be new with this experiamental recipe.

Flying Turtle

Cherry Pecan Hefeweizen 5.6% ALC/VOL 13 IBUs

Your new favorite summer beer! We use only German malts and wheat in this adaptation of a traditional Weissbeer. A hint of pecan melds with locally hand picked cherries from Kevin's back yard.

Fallen Garden

Imperial Caramel Apple Gose 8.4% ALC/VOL 21 IBUs

It's like fall in a bottle. Caramel and apple aromas start your journey. The tang of salt and just a hint of bitterness add to the complexity of flavors. Salt and caramel notes in the finish complete your color tour.

Moutful Breakfast Stout

Maple Brown Sugar Coffee Oatmeal Milk Stout 5.3% ALC/VOL 21 IBUs

A mouthful. Your journey begins with the aroma of maple, followed by a sweetness of flavors brought by real brown sugar and milk sugar, and the bitter balance of fresh ground coffee. Oatmeal makes it creamy and lingering on your tongue.

Molten Dragon Stout

Smoked Ghost Pepper Oatmeal Milk Stout 5.6%

Start with Steel Dragon Stout, add too smoked malt, and most likely too much ghost pepper. Oxidized hops are giving this one an off flavor. Might be a sinker.

Chocolate Squirrel Stout

Spicy Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 11.1%

We used a new stout recipe for this one, based on Stone Brewings Anniversary Stout. We added way more chocolate, as well as some japones peppers when making our extract. What resulted is a delicous stout with a hint of heat. This will be back again.